Do not know what to give to a loved one on a holiday? Present an impression!

Here you can order gift certificate from photo studio Say Cheese in Kiev:

-to studio photography with a photographer

- photography in the genre you have chosen (photo walk, Love story, family, etc.)

- renting a hall for the desired number of hours at a time convenient for you

     If desired, you can order more services of a stylist-make-up artist. Validity of the certificate is unlimited! The date and time of shooting you choose yourself and agree in advance.

Cost of certificates:

Studio photography with photographer The price of rent of a hall + cost of services of the photographer
Photography with a photographer (in your chosen genre) Price of photographer services
Hall rental Hall rental price


     To order a certificate or make any other order, call us at the studio or write (Viber)  *.

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Take a picture as a gift: what to choose

If you are looking for an interesting and unusual present that you want to surprise your loved one or a loved one, take the opportunity to give him a colorful photo shoot. You can become both a donor and participant of a grandiose event, in which real masterpieces created by the hands of a talented photographer are born. Certificate for the photo shoot certainly enjoy any person who has the opportunity to work with a true professional.

How to choose the right option

In order to buy certificate, It will take a couple of minutes to buy a certificate, but it is important that the gift is useful to the originator of the celebration, to whom you will hand it. For this, try to take into account several points:

  • Features of the nature of man. Most people like to reincarnate, but if your spouse or lover is not inclined to get used to new images, give a neutral photo session in which the person will remain himself. At the same time, a stylist and a make-up artist will work with him to emphasize the dignity of the exterior, not allowing the internal harmony to disappear at the same time.
  • Approximation of some kind of celebration. Think about what is planned in the life of the person for whom you intend to purchase a gift certificate. Perhaps it is a corporate that wants to leave in memory, and perhaps the anniversary of family life, which a couple will capture in memory thanks to a professional photographer? Probably, this is an early wedding, and then it will be appropriate to shoot in the style of love story, in which future newlyweds will tell their love story.
  • Personal preferences. If the culprit of the celebration, for which you make a gift in the form of a photo shoot, has some hobbies, you can try to take pictures in this style. It can be a love for cars or nature, which is easily organized by a professional photographer. And maybe the person for whom the photo session is intended as a gift, loves his child more than anything in the world and plans to make children's shootings? Then the photographer will help to capture one day from the life of the baby at its best.
  • Having free time. Not every business person today has the opportunity to carve out several hours for a full-fledged photo shoot. And maybe, a gift in the form of professional studio shooting will get a charming, but restless baby? In each case, it is worth considering this fact and you can choose a certificate for the number of hours that a happy gift holder will be able to stay in the studio.

Gift - in the studio!

If you are interested in the idea of ​​organizing a series of professional pictures for a person who is dear to you, our photo studio gladly gives you this opportunity. For each guest we organize a cozy atmosphere, easy communication and professional work with our photographers. Gift certificate for the photo session we can arrange so that it looks bright and presentable. It is important for us that the person who received it should feel genuine joy when receiving such a gift, as well as the opportunity to visit the professionals of their business: stylists, make-up artists and, of course, photographers.