1. Entrance to the studio ONLY in replaceable shoes. You can bring it with you or take advantage of slippers that the studio administrator will offer you.

2. The studio is booked both by phone and by the application on the website of the studio. at the same time it will be necessary to pay 50% of the prepayment (but not later than two days before the studio rental time). If the advance payment for the studio rent is not made on time, the administration reserves the right to withdraw the studio reservation with the preliminary notification of the tenant (SMS to the specified phone). A huge request to treat the reservation of the studio with maximum responsibility. Cancel the warning in advance for 1-2 days

3. The administration reserves the right not to admit into the studio and remove from the studio persons in a state of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication.

4. Shooting with animals is allowed, made in consultation with the administration.

5. Calculation of the rental time:

  • The beginning of the studio rental is the time you booked in advance, not the actual time of the beginning of the survey.
  • If the studio is free after the lessee's reserved time, you can extend the shooting time by paying additional rent on the fact of the time spent in the studio.
  • If you finished filming before the end of the time booked by you, the rental is still paid in full.
  • If the studio is reserved by the next client, then you must leave the studio no later than the rented time.

6. Refusal to rent. If you want to postpone or cancel the reservation, you need to notify the administrator about it no later than 2 hours before the time you booked earlier. If you want to move the lease, it can be done at an additional charge of 100 UAH, and clarification of free time with the administration of the studio. If you want to cancel the lease, the prepayment is not refundable only if there is another tenant instead of you

7. Rules for the use of equipment:

  • Preparation of backgrounds and change of attachments is carried out by the tenant independently. If necessary, the administrator is always ready to help you.
  • For damage and breakdown of studio equipment and accessories, the lessee bears full financial responsibility and reimburses losses in the amount and amount, in agreement with the administration of the studio. After the shooting is complete, the equipment must be checked by the administrator.

8. Compensation for damage:

  • Taking the studio for rent, the client takes on a material responsibility for the condition of equipment, backgrounds and rented premises of the studio. If damage is caused to the studio premises or equipment, the Customer agrees to compensate for the damage.
  • Paper backgrounds are an expendable material that must be worn. In case of damage to the paper background (rush, contamination, puncture or any other damage), the customer is charged 200 hryvnia for each running meter of the damaged background.

9. In the studio it is forbidden:

  • to build an open fire;
  • independently light candles (possible only in the presence of the administrator of the studio);
  • to drink alcoholic beverages;
  • to shoot pornographic pictures;
  • use food, only in cases where food is the object of photography.

If the crew is 6 or more people, the mark-up indicated in

Renting a photo studio, you agree with the rules of rent.